Imagine that every time you get in the driver's seat of a private car, the first thing to do is to adjust the seat position, the angle of the backrest, the rear mirror, and the angle of the steering wheel. The principle of motorcycles is actually the same, but Helmet King knows that many bikers have not done this. After buying a new car, they can simply fine-tune the rear mirror and drive with a key. In fact, as long as you simply adjust the handle, clutch/brake lever, and pedal position, you can improve comfort and provide better control. Why not?

Owning the first motorcycle is a great milestone in life. It is certainly happy to ride a car that loves to drive and rides in one. However, many younger brothers and sisters often ignore the basic regular maintenance of their cars. The most important thing is to change the oil, change the oil, and change the oil! (Engine fixing needs to be "lifted" and maintenance can be good and expensive, so it is very important...) Motorcycle engine oil (motor oil) is mainly used to lubricate, clean and cool engine parts, which is similar to the "WD40" lubricant we use in different household metal parts every day. Lubricant. If you have experienced a certain period of time, or have driven a certain number of miles, the quality of the fuel in the engine will decrease. At this time, you must go to the garage to change the fuel for your car!

Sometimes, friends will joke with Xiaobian: "Wow, you are so fat as a motorcycle!" "Does Xiaobian have the body shape and tonnage of a motorcycle?" There is no way to audit. But as a motorcyclist, stature is the decisive key to riding. What is the effect of height and body type on driving different types of motorcycles? If you really want to leapfrog the challenge, what should you pay attention to? Today, I will analyze the impact of height and body shape on riding motorcycles for everyone, as well as the preparation for leapfrogging challenges!

Buy a stick wave car or a sheep? This may be a problem that many knights will struggle with when buying a car. In order to not be restricted by the driver's license when buying a car in the future, many knights will choose to take the stick wave test when learning to drive and taking the car test. When they buy a car, it makes sense to buy a stick wave car. Dear Konoha riders, you may have forgotten another approachable choice-sheep! The various benefits of holding sheep can definitely surprise you. After holding sheep for a while, it is so convenient that you can't go back to holding a stick wave cart at any time!

Buying a car is the first step for a knight to officially enter the world of motorcycles. After several hardships, he finally obtained the license plate and carefully selected and bought the first motorcycle in his life. The feeling of excitement and tension like first love suddenly surged into his heart. But like dating, in addition to love and happiness, a partner also brings responsibility. Be a responsible car owner and take good care of your car. Proper equipment and accessories may be able to help you and make your journey longer. Today we will take stock of the accessories that must be bought when a new car lands. If you have friends who buy a car in the future, remember to remind them to buy all these accessories to protect their cars and improve driving safety.

Because of the epidemic, motorcycles have become more and more popular in Hong Kong. It just so happens that many automakers have launched many models for entry-level models in recent years to attract more friends to join the ranks of motorcycles. Earlier, Helmet King had sorted out many recommended cars for novices for everyone. Today, Helmet King has compiled more motorcycle models suitable for novices for everyone, including Japanese and European brands, as well as a selection of motorcycles and sheep. After reading it, you are guaranteed that you will never miss any entry-level popular motorcycles in Hong Kong!

Many friends just finished the motorcycle license test and wanted to buy a car, but they didn't know where to start. In the end, they had to start with the appearance. Liking the appearance of your car is of course very important, but understanding its inner nature can also make you more satisfied with the first car in your life. Then the question comes. The mechanical structure of a motorcycle is so complex, where should I start? The Helmet King can give you an answer here: engine form. It is necessary to know that the number of engine cylinders of a motorcycle has a very decisive impact on the feeling of riding. Therefore, today Helmet King will introduce to you the characteristics and differences of single-cylinder, two-cylinder, four-cylinder and other engines. If you have friends around you who are considering buying a new car, remember to share today's article to compare them!

In the past, many stereotypes believed that motorcycles were boys' playthings, but in recent years, there have been more entry-level choices in the motorcycle market, and the social atmosphere has gradually become enlightened. Due to various factors, many female knights have joined the ranks of the iron cavalry one after another, making the motorcycle circle more diversified and dynamic. However, some novice female riders will encounter a lot of questions when buying a car due to their knowledge of motorcycle specifications or physical limitations. In order to enable all female knights to find the car in their lives more efficiently, Helmet King has sorted out the four principles and recommended models that female knights can refer to when buying a car, so that you no longer need to look for and have no clue when choosing a car, and you can judge more systematically.Is a motorcycle suitable for your needs? I will immediately introduce to you the four principles that women can refer to when choosing a car for cycling!

For every knight, the car at home means different things to them. For some knights, the car at home is an important rest partner for holidays. For some knights, it may be the best shot for daily work and study. However, there are many people in Hong Kong, and it is not easy to own two motorcycles. Many people who love cars will face life choices when buying a car. Today's article is to help those who regard motorcycles as an important partner in daily life, and hope to find a well-nourished and scumbag motorcycle rider, and to find a suitable car. Many people say that sports cars are going to be scumbags every day, and they need to be able to do it first. What's the point? Today, the helmet King will use an article to solve everyone's puzzles!

When many motorcyclists are first exposed to it, they will be confused by a lot of nouns. Some people recommend street bikes, saying that street bikes are comfortable. Some people recommend sports cars, if the sports cars are good enough first. But with the exception of left-hand street cars and sports cars, the world of motorcycles is actually very big. And between street cars and sports cars, what is the complete opposition? In fact, not necessarily. Today, I will wait for the helmet King to introduce to you the complete strategy for the types of motorcycles. After watching it, you will no longer be checked when you blow the water with your bikers!

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