(Established in 2023)

26KING is a subsidiary of Helmet King. In addition to being the official designated brand new licensed truck dealer for Japanese and European brands, 26KING also has an experienced mechanic team to provide superb motorcycle maintenance, repair and modification services. From maintenance, modification, trading to documentation are all readily available!



Helmet King
(Established in 2014)

Hong Kong's large-scale motorcycle supplies online shopping and physical store;

Designated distributor of numerious of international brands in Hong Kong.
Products such as helmets, rider equipment, motorcycle modification parts, etc. are all available in the 4000 sq ft. flagship store and online shop.


RENTAL819 Hong Kong
(Established in 2017)

Rental819, Japan's largest motorcycle rental company
Designated agent in Hong Kong and Macau.
We provide one-stop motorcycle rental service for Hong Kong/Macau riders

Providing guided motorcycle tour, motorcycle rental, accommodation, travel packages and other services.


The most comprehensive one-stop hub
Motorcycle trading platform
Brand new motorcycle buying experience

Motorcycle Consignment Service

26KING's motorcycle consignment service, offer maximum exposure for your motorcycle via the Helmet King customer community and increase the chance of sale! With only a fixed service fee that you have to pay for the parking space and administrative fare. At the same time, the professional garage and sales team will inspect your vehicle and estimate the selling price to help you sell your motorcycle at the best price!

New Motorcycle Dealership

26King is the designated distributor of brand new licensed motorcycle from Yamaha, Kawasaki, Lambretta, Brixton and Husqvarna. There is also pre-owned motorcycle consignment service. We provide you with the best quality options for new and old motorcycle owners. Combined with Helmet King's retail services and membership system, you can get the best one-stop motorcycle dealership experience on the market. In addition to enjoying 6 exclusive discounts when buying a motorcycle through 26King, you can also use HSBC credit card to pay in installments and earn credit card points at the same time while easily supplying the car, without the need to mortgage the Vehicle Registration Document!


As the first garage in the market to provide motorcycle maintenance workshops, we are committed to making novices better understand their motorcycle, thereby improving the safety of driving. Our motorcycle repair and maintenance classroom enables riders to obtain sufficient information online and offline. Tailor tutorial is also available, enquire for more!

26KING Mission

Helmet King was established in 2014, with enthusiasm, quality service and customer-oriented spirit,
Renowned in the highly competitive Hong Kong motorcycle market and build reputation.

In 2022, we entrusted the motorcycle trading business and officially established "26KING".

26KING We will uphold our spirit and 100% view from riders' perspective, with the most organized and time-saving process and the most transparent price.,
We are here to navigate your desire motorcycle!


Because we are all Hong Kong bikers.



26KING team

26KING Every member is a motorcyclist.

We know what novices are most afraid of, we have experienced what bikers have experienced on the motorcycle road, and we also know what everyone wants.
So we provide the most personal and sweetOne-to-one customer service; And continue to improve our interface to provideOne-stop bike dealership service, To provide Hong Kong bikers withBrand new, simple and time-saving bike ownership experience
Just tell us your desire bike, we will fulfill and complete all the annoying process for you, and then you just have to get on the new bike and share the joy with everyone.