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For those who love motorcycles, 26KING provides a variety of consumables as well as installation, replacement and overhaul services. However, we are not only able to complete the work, but also in line with the concept of "having a safer and more enjoyable motorcycle life" to provide services that allow you to improve the quality of riding and maintain the motorcycle. We pay attention to “doing the right thing in the right way”, and after all, we are committed to finding the best solution to meet your needs.

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The 26KING maintenance masters are all from Dahang, with at least 6 years of senior maintenance experience, reliable and professional maintenance experience, and will handle every detail of Aiju carefully and rigorously for you. No matter what year, brand, or style your love drive is, our team is happy to serve you!


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Repair service list 

Oil replacement

What is motor oil?

Changing engine oil is one of the most frequent and important maintenance tasks. This is necessary maintenance to keep your engine in the best condition for a long time. If the engine oil deteriorates, it may cause the engine to not operate smoothly. The general oil replacement cycle ranges from 1,500 kilometers to 3,000 kilometers. If your model needs to operate at high speeds for a long time, you need to replace it as soon as possible. Please feel free to ask our staff how to choose the engine oil that best suits your vehicle type and intended use.


Tire replacement

What is a tire?

Tires are one of the most important components of motorcycles and are an important item responsible for conveying all performance (such as driving, stopping, and turning) to the ground. If you drive frequently, wear and tear will be a reference standard. If your tires show signs of slippage (raised areas in grooves), it is time to replace them. As tires wear out, they will be more prone to slippage and loss of control when driving in wetlands, posing a danger. In addition, damaged tires, air leakage or aging are the reasons for the need to be replaced.


Chain and sprocket replacement

What are chains and sprockets?

Chains and sprockets play an important role in transmitting engine power to tires. The front sprocket rotates, so that by moving the chain and rotating the rear sprocket, replacing all three at once will have a great effect. If the sprocket teeth are deformed or worn, or the chain is loose or rusty, fuel efficiency will deteriorate and power will not be transmitted normally. By changing the number of sprocket teeth, the power characteristics can also be changed.


Brake pad replacement

What are brake pads?

Brake pads are parts used in disc brakes. Disc brakes are a system in which the brake pads connected to the calipers clamp the brake discs in the middle and use friction to brake. Since it will wear out with use, it must be checked and replaced regularly. Brake pads are the parts of the brake system with the highest replacement rate. If the owner fails to pay attention to the state of the brake pads, when the brake fails and an accident occurs, there is a chance to bear serious responsibilities in traffic law. Thorough maintenance and inspection are very important.


Brake oil replacement

What is brake oil?

Brake oil is a liquid used to operate brake calipers, and it has the characteristics of easy moisture absorption. When the oil contains moisture, bubbles may appear in the brake oil, blocking the operation of the oil pipe, causing the brake to fail or become sluggish. In order to ensure road safety, regular replacement and inspection of brake fluid is necessary. When the color of the liquid turns black, or when the water content is too high using a water measuring instrument, we should replace the brake oil as soon as possible.


Overhaul of brake caliper

What is a brake caliper?

Brake calipers are a component of disc brakes. Their role is to press the brake pads against the brake discs to slow down. If the caliper does not operate normally, it will cause uneven wear and tear on the brake pads and reduce fuel efficiency. If your vehicle makes an abnormal noise when braking, please make an appointment for inspection as soon as possible to reduce the risk of accidents.


Overhaul of front shock absorber

What is a front shock absorber?

The front shock absorber is responsible for the shock absorption and steering performance of the vehicle. Most shock absorbers contain lubricating oil. When the oil deteriorates, the shock absorber will become fluffy, which greatly affects the handling performance. Therefore, the replacement of lubricating oil is a basic regular item that needs to be followed up. However, in the face of the continuous operation of the front shock absorber and under harsh conditions, the seal (rubber) that seals the oil will be damaged and cause oil leakage, which needs to be disassembled, inspected and cleaned. We recommend regular replacement or inspection every 10,000 kilometers.


Spark plug replacement

What is a spark plug?

The role of the spark plug is to ignite the compressed mixture or gasoline in the engine. With the age of the vehicle, the vehicle will experience problems such as deterioration of fuel efficiency, power, ignition difficulties and torque decline. If the spark plug ages, the engine will fail to start. We recommend that it should be replaced every time the mileage reaches 20,000 kilometers. There are many kinds of spark plugs, if you are not sure, please feel free to ask our staff.


Installation of moto-cam

What is a driving recorder?

The moto-cam can record the driving picture of each journey, which is the preferred modification project for most car owners. When a traffic accident is unfortunately encountered, the moto-cam can record the history and details of the accident for you, and provide video records to help you hold the driver accountable for the accident and protect the owner's property and life. Safety. When the installation is complete, we will ensure that the parts are operating correctly, carefully adjust the camera of the lens and explain how to use it.


Battery replacement

What is a battery?

The battery of the motorcycle is responsible for the operation and activation of the vehicle's lamps and lanterns. The battery will age over time. When the vehicle is not started for a long time, the battery voltage will gradually be lost, and the vehicle will not be able to start in severe cases. Therefore, the battery is also a component that car owners should always pay attention to, and replace it in advance when problems arise. 26PIT provides different brands and styles of batteries. If you are not sure, please feel free to ask our staff.


Air filter replacement or cleaning

What is air filter?

The air filter is also known as the air intake element, because air is one of the necessary elements for engine operation, and the air filter can be used to filter air impurities, which affects the air intake efficiency and engine performance. If the windshield is covered with dust, it will affect the air flow into the engine, accelerate engine loss, cause horsepower loss and lead to high fuel consumption. The life span of the original air filter is usually about 5,000 kilometers. We can keep the air filter in good condition through replacement or cleaning.


Coolant replacement

What is coolant?

A liquid-cooled engine will maintain the engine at a suitable operating temperature through the cooling operation of the radiator, which is an important part of engine maintenance. However, the liquid in the radiator will slowly evaporate and become turbid over time, lowering the radiator cooling efficiency to the engine, and in severe cases, the engine will overheat and cause irreversible damage. Regular inspection of the coolant volume of the radiator and replacement of the coolant can effectively improve engine performance, while also reducing the discomfort caused by engine heat. The mechanics in 26PIT are extensive experienced in handling and maintaining liquied-cooled engines, and provide professional advice to maintain your bike a longer life span.


The 26PIT garage service offers variety of motorcycle service. If you need any other repair and modification quotation, please contact us for details.