Enjoy 26CHECK motorcycle professional inspection service

Thorough inspection55items, It also provides a maintenance period within 3 months/1500 kilometers, maintaining your motorcycle at its peak performance.

Whether you are purchasing or hesitate the performance of your motorcycle, 26CHECK is the most comprehensive inspection in town!


Helmet King/26KING repairs more than 10,000 motorcycles*!

With over 500+ motorcycles inspected, experienced mechanic tackled numerious of defacts via 26CHECK.

*The figure is calculated since Helmetking garage started operating in 2017.


26KING is one of the largest motorcycle garages in Kowloon. It is ideally located!

The 26KING garage is only 5 minutes away from Mong Kok/Yau Ma Tei MTR Station. We open on weekends. It is convenient to go to work/shopping/skittles after leaving us your motorcycle for maintenance!


Reliable, honest and professional!

Fare of all inspection items are open and transparent!
All motorcycle owners will receive a professional motorcycle inspection report after the service, listing up to 55 inspection items for you, including engine, brake, voltage, chassis and other.

26CHECK service provides you with cost-effective motorcycle maintenance and inspection services!

Comparison of 26CHECK with other garage services

Other garage inspection
Other garage repairs
ContentComprehensive inspection of 55 items of the whole carInspection items are not listedOnly for designated parts
Maintenance technician background6-year+ of factory garage experienceunknownunknown
After-sales warrantyWithin 3 months/1500KMXX
Customer service team supportOXX
Prices and charges$800

Depends on the condition of the body

Opaque charges

Membership system

Earning membership points at the same time!XX
Inspection reportExplanation and complete report by professional mechanicXX

■Special offer:

FOR items that have been repaired and processed by 26CHECK together, you can enjoy A 10% DISCOUNT of service fee!

Contact our professional team to make an appointment now!


Reliable and trusted technical expertise!

Mechanics at 26KING possessed at least 6-year of factory garage experience
Carefully handle every detail of your motorcycles.

26CHECK Inspection Items:

The maintenance team rigorously inspect your motorcycle according to the report!

Oil inspection

Check the amount of oil and the degree of dirt

Wind isolation inspection

Check the degree of wear and dirt

Cooling system inspection

Check the amount and concentration of water in the tank

Inspection of batteries and electrical appliances

Check the battery voltage and electrical appliances

Tire inspection

Check the year and tread pattern, cracks and wear

Tire pressure check

Tire pressure check, adjust

Beer bell inspection

Check the degree of wear and tear, including the front and rear wheels, beer bells and wave plates

Core inspection

Check the degree of wear and tear

Shock absorber inspection

Check for oil spills, oil pads, and dust cover depletion.

Transmission system inspection (sheep)

Check the degree of wear of belts, beads, V glue and rollers

Nozzle inspection

Check the degree of ignition and wear

Tail chain inspection

Check the tightness of the car chain, whether it is deformed and the degree of oil seal wear



Careful and considerate after-sales follow-up!

After using the 26CHECK service, if your motorcycle has a problem within 3 months/1500 kilometers (only for the repair part confirmed by the owner after the latest inspection), we will provide comprehensive maintenance support.



No matter how bad the situation is, we always back you up!

Tow-to-26KING support,

If your motorcycle is malfunction or unfortunately has an accident,

You may contact us,visit 26KING for one-stop quotation, repair and inspection.



Make an appointment in advance to enjoy the early bird discount!

Make an appointment one week in advance and get HKD 100 off.

Repeat customer for 26CHECK service could also get HKD 100 off!


Repeated customers who make an appointment in advance can enjoy a discount of up to HKD 200!



The most affordable way to get your motorycle back in shape!

Any motorcycle service is needed upon 26CHECK service, you can enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT on ALL service fee!

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*Standard motorcycle inspection time is about 4-5 hours.
**If there are designated parts need to be replaced, you may need to leave your motorcycle for 1 to 2days.