Maintenance knowledge

Car manufacturers generally recommend that car owners replace new batteries for motorcycles every year, but according to experience, the battery life of normal use can last for about 2 to 3 years. However, if you haven't been in the car for a long time, or forget to turn off the lights when you turn off the car and leave, the battery will be "dry pond". At this time, does it need to be recharged, or does the battery have to be replaced in full when it expires? Helmet King teaches you the easiest test method.

Brake oil and Lai (brake oil) are the two most important "oils" in motorcycle maintenance, and Brake oil is often overlooked. Most motorcycle manufacturers recommend that the brake oil be replaced every 2 years. How to judge whether the brake oil of your car expires and needs to be replaced? What impact will the deteriorated Brake oil have on the performance of your car? Let's discuss it together below.

This summer is really hot and very hot, the somatosensory temperature is 45°C+ at every turn, and it is definitely hellish to stop the lights or even traffic jams in the city! Many bikers and friends around them may have tried their cars because the cooling water temperature is overheated and the fire is dead. If the location of the dead fire happens to be in the middle of the red tunnel or the highway, it is embarrassing and very dangerous! If you want to know how to understand that overheating the water temperature will cause a fire, you must first understand how the cooling system of a motorcycle works.

If the motorcycle tires are such as the feet of a track and field runner, the suspension system ("shock absorber" as the saying goes) is equivalent to the knee joint, which functionally keeps the wheels in contact with different types of ground and supports the body when driving. Suspension settings have a very obvious impact on motorcycle handling performance and driving comfort. When new cars leave the factory, automakers generally temporarily set up the suspension system according to the preset average value; however, the weight of different drivers, the road conditions they often face, and the driving style are different, so it is best to make a personalized adjustment after buying a car to ensure the integration of people and cars! Wearing a helmet, the purpose of this article is to briefly explain the basic concept of adjusting the Preload. If you want to go a little further, the safest way is of course to contact the Helmet King garage and a team of professional masters will help you!

Head shock absorber, generally referred to as head fork or front fork by Hong Kong motorcycle enthusiasts, is one of the suspension equipment of motorcycles. It connects the body and the front wheels, which directly affects the comfort of drivers and passengers, and also has a direct impact on the rider's driving habits-both to increase the adhesion of the tires to the ground., Can also maintain the stability of the body. Just as the engine needs oil to lubricate and protect it, the front fork is also assisted by front fork oil to make it perform better. Like motor oil, suitable front fork oil is even more powerful for strengthening suspension equipment, and like motor oil, there are times when it is "expired" or "inappropriate". Today, let the helmet King disassemble the mystery of the head fork oil with everyone!

Gasoline can be said to be the biggest expense for the knight to get out of the car, but the oil price keeps increasing. Can the knight really only be "held back and robbed"? We can't change the oil price, but the details and driving skills of the vehicle can also make the fuel consumption of the vehicle slightly reduced. In addition to saving fuel, we also save money, killing two birds with one stone. Let's get to the point first. In fact, the status of every part of the vehicle will affect the performance of fuel consumption. Therefore, regular inspection of the car, timely maintenance and replacement of suitable parts are the principles of fuel saving. Let's take a look at some tips for making your vehicle more fuel-efficient!

Knights, how long has it been since you have had tire gas? The tire is the only part of the entire motorcycle that is in contact with the ground and supports the entire vehicle. Maintenance work is very important. If you drive rashly without checking the condition of the tire, the lightness will affect the riding experience, and the heavyness can lead to accidents, so you have to pay attention! Among them, tire pressure is also an important part of tire maintenance. This time, let's discuss with you how to fight tire pressure!

As an important part of the motorcycle transmission system, the chain can be said to be the soul of the stick wave car. It transmits power to all parts of the vehicle and drives the vehicle forward. Once there is a problem with the chain, the driving comfort will decrease if it is small, and the driving safety will be jeopardized if it is large. Therefore, the time to maintain the chain is very important. Generally speaking, daily chain maintenance can be divided into three parts: washing the chain, oil on the chain and taking the chain. Let's take a look at this part of the camera chain this time!

The chain can almost be said to be a motorcycle part exclusive to motorcycle riders. As an important part that brings power from the engine to the tires, its importance can be said to be the same as the tires. However, compared to suspension, brakes and other components, the chain is located in an inconspicuous position, and it has no attractive appearance and modification method, which often makes some drivers ignore it. Today, I am waiting for the helmet King to learn more about the practical knowledge of the chain for everyone, and to breathe a sigh of relief for the chain!

For most athletes in land sports (basketball, running, etc.), the most important equipment is always shoes. Similarly, for motorcycles, the most important consumables/modifications are tires that are in direct contact with the ground. Especially in the field of modification, the car should be changed from something closer to the ground. According to this concept, the tires are also the most important/should be changed first. However, it is regrettable that not every knight is very familiar with tires. Don't worry, Helmet King will use an article today to tell you everything you should know about tires! After reading it, when should I change the tire and whether the tire gas is sufficient from now on, I can't beat you anymore!

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